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Let’s talk respect.

Today, after much reading and research, I declined Will’s vaccines at his 18mo check-up. I know some of you might not agree with my decision and that’s ok. You have the right to educate yourself, weigh the options and choose what is right for your family. Rob and I chose not to vaccinate anymore. Will has had all of his shots up until now and has done alright with them (outwardly, at least). I was never really comfortable with allowing him to receive the shots but I would bite my tongue and hold him down and tell myself it would be ok. I can’t do it anymore. I don’t trust the system and I don’t trust the safety of the vaccines.
Let me be clear though, doctors can be a God-send and can save your life in certain situations. I am NOT against them as a whole. I am, however, cautious of the over-medication of our children (and adults) and I believe that there are ways to treat (and PREVENT) most diseases and illnesses naturally. Personally, this belief comes from a knowledge that God is the best when it comes to providing for us and He created the earth, the plants, the nutrients, all for our enjoyment and use. Plants heal. Not because I’m “new agey” or “hippie” but because God is awesome! Many medicines we use were once derived from plants and now they are chemically reproduced, which greatly distances them from their original healing properties and gives us the nasty side effect lists we hear on those awful drug commercials.
End rant.
Back to where I was actually going with this post.
Today Will had his check-up, as I stated, and he’s a growing little boy! He’s 3in taller and 4ish lbs heavier than he was 3 months ago! He’s in the 75th percentile (which, I know, means nothing). Those whole foods and raw milk are serving him well! He has never been sick more than the sniffles. I thank God for this! The Dr. was really nice to Will during his check up and let him sit in my lap the whole time, remarking how healthy and perfect Will is. He was impressed by how many words he knew and how well he was learning new things. Towards the end of our time he asked if I wanted the flu shot for him today and I declined. I then dropped the bomb: We won’t be getting any shots today… or anymore.
I wasn’t surprised that I got asked to find a new pediatrician. The pediatrician got up and walked out on me but not before he treated me with utter disrespect. I’m not mad at him and I’m not going to hold a grudge. You get nowhere in life like that. Whatever your position is about vaccines, no parent should have to go to a physician who might, at any moment, treat you like an idiot just because you don’t agree with him. That is ridiculous.¬† I respect his right to choose not to provide care to us, but there is no excuse for unprofessional behavior.

So please educate yourself, make a choice based on facts and what is best for your family (whatever that is), and stick to your guns at the drs office… and don’t go to any dr. who doesn’t realize that you are the person responsible for your child’s health.

I hope you all can understand why I’m sharing this with you and I wish the best to you all.

Until next time,



2 thoughts on “Let’s talk respect.

  1. Wow, now I know what I *might* expect. I have a feeling we will share similar parenting styles….educating yourself and making the best choice for your family can look crazy, but I intend on looking pretty wild.

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