Family Life

Rocking My Boat

It's official. Rob and I are anti-spanking. It's taken us almost 2 years to find this position, but we are here to stay. It just feels so right. There's some serious truth here. Parents would be wise to consider this. Wow. Totally rocking my world. I am still organizing my thoughts one this topic since… Continue reading Rocking My Boat

Healthy Eats · Responsible Living

The Dandelion Dilemma

You know the ones. Those yellow flowers in your grass that just taunt you every time you go outside. Dandelions. A nuisance, are they not? Well... maybe they're not so bad after all. Maybe, just maybe, we should put those little buggars to work for us! If I think about it, I buy dandelion root… Continue reading The Dandelion Dilemma