Responsible Living

An experiment.

We go to the store, pick up our favorite veggies (hopefully organic), and we go home. Do we give thought to where they came from? How many miles (and gallons of gas) it took for them to get here? If they are in season and therefore the most nutrient dense? Are they even from this country?! We think we are doing ourselves a favor by eating fruits and veggies but what about the overall impact? I say we should give some though to these things. Rob and I have been talking about skipping the grocery store for food and only buying locally and, thus, in season. We would be supporting our local farmers and supporting our health! It would also line-up with our efforts to severely limit our use of “disposable” plastics. (There’s no such thing as throwing it “away”… where is away?! Landfills, Asia, our oceans and sea creatures. However, that is for another post forthcoming.)  I don’t think this will be much of a challenge in the summer, but it also means that we have to can and freeze enough veggies to get us through the winter! Herein is where the challenge lies. Can I first LEARN to can/pickle/preserve foods and then DO IT well enough with enough to last us for months until the next growing season?

I admit, I am intimidated. I am also hopeful.

My first step in all of this is to buy a good canning book. Sure, there’s a ton of information on there on the World Wide Web but I’m a bit old fashioned when it comes to stuff like this. I like a book in my hands to read and learn from. Feel free to suggest a good book on the subject as my search is about to begin! Once I feel comfortable with the basics, I need to acquire canning equipment (have any you’d like to give me?).  I’m hoping to be totally ready to go by summer so I can chip away at this task little by little and with different veggies as they come into season.We will buy meat locally, too. We already get ground beef, eggs, pork and milk locally and I’m hoping to place an order for chicken soon (Don’t tell my hens in the backyard!).

We already don’t buy processed foods. Pretty much no food in my house comes in a box or with a label except cheese, butter (we still buy pastured butter), peanut butter, Ezekiel bread and a few other single ingredient foods. We have made that change over the last year or so and it feels good. I don’t want that other stuff anymore. Yuck. It’s really not as hard as people think it is! I’m also personally going grain-free, sugar-free (and no nasty substitutes!) and low-starch for my weight and for my health. It’s not bad and I’ve done it lots of times before and it works. This diet has given me (well, God gave me) my William and maybe it will work again for baby #2 (along with starting acupuncture soon).

I plan to keep you all updated on our process and would love to hear what you think about all of this. Anyone want to do it with me??


Any thoughts?

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