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To Market, To Market…

Spinach, arugula and salad greens from Green Star Farms

Yesterday was market day and the Hubs and I made an appearance. The first of many. It’s the middle of the week so there were half as many vendors as on a Saturday and it’s still early in the season here so there was even less produce. There were lots of vendors selling seedling plants and other homemade goods and even a guy who made beautiful wooden bowls and more. We were able to procure some lovely spinach, arugula and a salad greens mix from Green Star Farms, a local and organic farm (and the only one selling actual produce that day). I also bought local, organic asparagus, more spinach, broccoli and ground beef from a local international foods grocery store the day before. They have great prices and carry lots of local produce and beef. It’s such a save for days when I can’t make it to the farmers’ market and sometimes it’s even cheaper for the same item! So glad I found that place.

Asparagus I scored for only $2.99/lb! (Good price for local, organic)

We’re still a long way off from coming close to our goal of saving food for the winter (and yes, I just felt like a squirrel when I said that) but I’m hoping to pick-up a good book and get crankin’ soon! Since it’s asparagus season, and I love the stuff, I may try freezing a bunch of it next time I get my hands on some. I’ve seen that you can can it/pickle it but I’ve never had it that way so I’m a little nervous to try it… just in case I hate it and waste lots of beautiful veggies! Anybody had pickled asparagus before? Is it good? Who knows, maybe I’ll try a small batch and if we like it I can make more next year. Gotta try of you won’t know, right? Right.

Well, until next time…

Love well, live well.


Any thoughts?

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