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The Dandelion Dilemma

You know the ones. Those yellow flowers in your grass that just taunt you every time you go outside. Dandelions. A nuisance, are they not? Well… maybe they’re not so bad after all. Maybe, just maybe, we should put those little buggars to work for us!

If I think about it, I buy dandelion root tea. Why do I pay for something that is prolific in my own yard??
Also, you can make salad from their leaves. Yep, eat those suckers. You can also fry the flowers and eat those, too!
Have I tried this yet? No. Will I? Probably, yes.

Future salad?

You should watch this little video on YouTube of Clara, of Great Depression Cooking. She shows us how to use the greens in a salad and is one of the sweetest, most adorable and resourceful guides you could have.

I figure, if we slowly dig-up each dandelion by the root and use it in the kitchen, maybe we can create a dande-free zone in our yard while we’re at it. I’m totally against spraying chemicals on the grass since we have a child and free-ranging chickens. This may be our only hope!

What do you think? Dandelion: Weed or Free Food?


Any thoughts?

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