A face lift!

We’ve had this set of deck chairs and table since we bought our house 5 years ago. It was a gift from my parents… a housewarming present of sorts. We’ve used it a fair amount and have been glad for somewhere to sip coffee or watch the chickens but, it was black. Boring, metal, hot black.

I’ve seen enough pictures on Pinterest and all over the web to know what a can of spray paint can do for a drab piece of furniture so we ran out to Home Deopt (twice) for some nice, bright, RED spray paint! I couldn’t wait!

We pulled out the less-nice one of our little blue tarps and started spraying. Spray paint has this way of being pretty annoying. Spray too close to your object and it globs and drips. Spray too far away and it might take you 3 years to finish. Finding that mid-point is crucial and besides the fact that I thought my finger (and arm) was going to fall off by the time I was done, I think we did alright. Rob did have to sand one of the chairs a little bit and re-spray part of it but, not too bad.











We were worried it might rain so we moved quickly to finish them and moved them into the basement. I wish I had taken a picture of my feet after we were done. They looked like I had a SERIOUS sunburn! Alas, it was just paint mist that coated them. It took a shower or two to get it all off. Haha. Oh well.

Now they are all finished and bring such a cheerfulness to our deck. Red is one of my favorite happy colors, for sure. And now, Rob and I both love seeing our lovely “new” chairs and table. If you’re hesitating on re-painting something like this, go do it! We are so glad we did. Anyone want to come enjoy some coffee with me now? (Well, maybe after mosquito season?)

Also, the chairs are a great place to sit and stick my feet in the kiddie-pool with my favorite toddler. 🙂


One thought on “A face lift!

  1. I love the red chairs and table! Love them! Maybe I will get on those spray-painting projects I’ve been thinking of… 🙂

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