How do you pronounce that, again?

*Disclaimer: I don’t hate doctors! I know (and am related to) many different kinds of Drs and nurses and they absolutely have their place. When I broke my elbow, I was thankful for a skilled surgeon who could fix it. In emergencies, we need Drs. and I am glad for them. However, we have become a sheepish society and we have lost our traditional instincts and knowledge of disease and injury and we trust way too quickly in the medical industry’s quick fixes. And it has cost us as a nation. My personal goal is to be able to confidently treat myself and my family through nutrition and homeopathy and other holistic methods whenever possible, which is almost always. I believe a good Dr. would agree with me.





Now what is it??!

Well, let me start by saying that after a year and a half of feeling horrible about allowing our child to receive vaccines, which are harmful in so many ways, we finally told our Dr. at Will’s 18mo check-up that we were done. No more stabs. No more nasty chemicals. No more. After he (the Dr.) walked out on me (you can read more about that in another blog post here) we had some things to do. First, we found a new pediatrician and she is great, so far. Secondly, we needed to be sure we built up our immune systems naturally so we can be as healthy as we can. Real foods, no processed junk, fermented foods. We were already doing those things but, it’s always good to amp it up! Thirdly, I started looking into homeopathy as a way of keeping my family healthy and drug-free. The world of homeopathy is vast and I am only starting to scratch the surface. We have already had some success with it and plan to continue on that path. Will has never had antibiotics and I don’t ever intend to give him any, God-willing.

For those of you who are vaccine-free when it comes to your family, congrats and keep reading. For those of you who are pro-vac, keep reading. For those of you who are on the fence, maybe knowing the harms of vaccines but not wanting to give up to potential protection, read on.  This homeoprophelaxis (HP) program might just be right for you!

I first heard about this program from some woman on Facebook who I don’t even know. She saw some of my posts regarding similar topics and specifically a question I asked about homeopathic nosodes on the healthyhomeeconomist.com. She told me about her homeopath in Minnesota who was doing this HP program and gave me her contact information. I emailed her and set-up a phone meeting where she answered any questions Rob and I had. We were already pretty sold on it from the research we did before talking with her but, after talking with her we were totally on board.

One of the things that is most impressive to me about this program is its ability to reverse previous vaccine injury. Yep, I said reverse! They are seeing children with repeat ear infections, other illnesses, behavioral issues, etc… becoming healthy and whole again. This is huge! Many of you may not realize that those “common childhood illnesses”, like ear infections, don’t have to be so common. Vaccines are not designed to work with our bodies, they are a shock to the body in the way they are administered (more on that in another post sometime) and then, to top it off, they are full of toxins. Our bodies were designed to contact diseases (one at a time!!) through the mucous membranes. Something you inhale, or drink, or eat… not something injected into your muscle. Our immune systems are in our gut (for the most part) and working against that God-given system is not a good idea. HP is a whole different system, one that works with your body. It is administered by mouth and has NO toxins and is safe. It is made in the way homeopathic remedies are traditionally made; a very, very diluted version of something (in this case, a disease or product of a disease) to the point where none of the original is left and all that is there is a safe remedy that tells your body how to respond in order to build itself up. Granted, that is an extremely oversimplified explanation of homeopathy and I encourage you to dig deeper for yourself. Homeopathy is a huge topic and is a very effective way of treating illnesses in our families. The HP program isn’t quite homeopathy, in that it works to produce a general immune response where there was no original disease, instead of treating an already existing pathology, but it is similar in the way it is created.

So, what is the actual program? A quote from our overseeing homeopath’s website:

“At last…a safe and effective method of protection from infectious disease!  A program developed in Australia by Dr Isaac Golden, “HP” (homeoprophylaxis) has been subjected to a 15 year clinical trial. The results of this study, including the safety and efficacy of HP, are published in Dr. Golden’s recent publication Homeoprophylaxis- A Fifteen Year Clinical Study.

The goal of HP is to introduce into the human system safe, homeopathic versions of particular diseases in order to naturally stimulate the immune system.  As a result, susceptibility to targeted diseases can be reduced.

The Program

  • Individualized 1 hour appointment to explain the program
  • Four years of HP remedies for the most commonly vaccinated diseases
  • Additional remedies for special needs (foreign travel, or disease outbreaks)
  • Four years of any necessary consultation during the program
  • Can be started at any time even if some vaccines have been given
  • No more needles
  • No toxic substances
  • No side effects”

Sounds good, yeah? Now, I’m not going to mention the cost of this program… because it might be changing soon and I don’t want to be responsible for false advertising but, let me tell you… what we paid is next to nothing! (Actually, the current costs are on the websites so, you can see for yourself.)

Homeopathy and homeoprophelaxis have been proven safe and effective over the last 200 years with not a single recall, unlike the ridiculous drug industry.

We ordered and read Cilla Whatcott and Kate Birch’s new book, The Solution. Homeoprophylaxis: The Vaccine Alternative. . It was great and very simple to understand, which is more than I can say for a lot of scholarly books. I urge you, explore your options! The cookie-cutter programs of modern day medicine need not be followed, despite what the “experts” tell you. You and your children don’t have to be part of the statistics of vaccine injury.  You can choose better health for your family. We can still protect our families from disease and also keep them safe from vaccines.

As of now, Will has been on the program for 5 months and we have not had a single issue with it. It is easy to follow and he has done very well. We have only noticed one time where his body really responded to the dose, which is totally normal and even desired, and it was just a low-grade fever for less than a day. This shows that his immune system is working well and that there was probably a slight vaccine injury from this particular disease. He seemed a happier child after that so whatever it was must have cleared his system.

This post is just a brief intro to this topic and I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about it. I plan on more posts about homeopathy, not just HP, in the future. We are so happy to have it in our lives.

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2 thoughts on “How do you pronounce that, again?

  1. Hi, Sarah,
    I have never been to your blog before, and I am enjoying it very much! We didn’t vaccinate either and that was many years ago…we swam against the tide, too!

    I saw that you shared your blog link on my Deep Roots At Home fb page…I’m so glad you did. Also while I’m thinking about link-ups, I would also like to invite you to share your sweet blog on the Deep Roots At Home ‘Encourage One Another’ Wednesday Link-Up. It is a good way to get extra exposure for your blog!

    This is an excellent article, and I’m interested in learning more. Maybe share it and some others for next Wednesday! You can link-up as many as you want each week (within reason)
    Blessings, new friend!

    1. Hi!
      Thank you so much for visiting my little blog. I love to read your blog and really enjoy your focus on family and all things natural. Thanks for inviting me to participate in your Wednesday link-up! I’ll be sure to check that out. 🙂 It’s always encouraging to know there are more of us natural mommas out there!

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