Poor man’s soup.

As I was making my pot of cabbage soup tonight, “poor man’s soup”, I thought about how easy it was to make and how nutritious is it to eat and it’s not even expensive! Cabbage, potato, carrots, an onion, homemade broth, some spices, that’s it! SO good for you! Cooking and eating real, nutritious foods does not have to be complicated or pricey. It can be, sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be, most of the time. I seriously used veggies that I had leftover from other recipes I’ve made over the past week or so and BAM! Yummy soup.

The other night I hosted the first (but not the last!) Real Food, Nutrition and Homesteading (a FB group that I admin) meeting. A real, face-to-face gathering that got us offline and in my living room. It was fun and I really enjoyed hearing from everyone about how they are doing on their “real food” journey. One thing that came up that I think probably comes up very often in the real food movement circles is the question of, How do I feed my family real food on a budget? A very small budget?

I would imagine that most of us out there, and certainly the ones who are actually reading this blog, have struggled with that very question. I’m not going to really go into a ton of money-saving ideas in this post but, I will quickly mention four that I think are top of the list.


~ Buy in bulk! I think this could potentially save you 50% on your overall food budget.

~ Buy local! Get to know your farmer. Everything is fresher and more nutrient dense when it didn’t travel 14,000,000 miles to get to you.

~ Learn to make most things from home. It’s more economical and much healthier to make your own salad dressings, condiments, soups, breads, etc than to buy them in the store… assuming you can even find ones worth buying.

~ Keep it simple! Plenty of local/organic veggies and some pastured meats/eggs (and raw milk if you like.) Simple.


Be encouraged. It’s not as hard as it seems at first. You. CAN. do it. 🙂



Any thoughts?

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