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Excitedly Intimidated.

Alright. In an effort to not go crazy in this waiting game (and it’s only beginning) I’m going to blog about it.

If you personally know me, you probably know that Rob and I are hoping to get our house on the market again very soon and we are looking to buy land and get a little more “elbow room” . We are interested in supporting ourselves as completely as possible by gardening, having chickens for eggs and meat, a cow (or goats) for milk and meat, and whatever else we might need. If I am completely honest with myself there are plenty of days where that sounds more than a little overwhelming and I just want to stay right here in my cozy little house on Main St. but, I also think that we will enjoy it together as a family and I know it is a good way to raise kids to have responsibility and appreciation for the earth that God has given us to steward. We do feel strongly about the food industry being a bad thing and we already do what we can to support local agriculture but, it just seems like it might be time to move to the next step. May God close the door on us if it isn’t.

So, if the whole farming thing wasn’t intimidating (yet exciting) enough there is another element to this whole picture that is equally so: our future living arrangements. On the particular property that we are looking to buy there is no house. Well, actually, I guess that depends on what your definition of a “house” is and it looks like mine may be changing. What it does have is a little “cabin for your enjoyment” (Exact wording from the listing. Haha.). It’s a 23′ x 23′ (+/-) building that was maybe a hunting cabin or something? I don’t know really but, it’s small and there’s no running water, no electricity, no insulation, no bedroom. That’s a lot of “no”s and those are not things that I imagine my future house not having. So, we just figured we’d buy the land and build a small *real* house to live in. We looked at kit homes from Shelter Kit and were pretty set on going with one of those. We could save money and build it ourselves (with some help from the builder in the family) and have a nice little set-up.

Well, things are changing and we are now moving forward toward making that little cabin into our home for the next several years. That’s around 530 sqft for the 3 of us. We currently live in 960sqft, which is plenty for us but, 530? Well, that’s going to be a challenge. I started looking at tiny homes online and was really enchanted by some of them. They made my little house seem so large! Take a look at some of these.

Photo from

Photo from

Photo from

As a matter of fact, check out all of the images from- I LOVE this house!!

I could probably spend a long time posting fun photos but, you get the idea. There’s a lot that can be done to live large when living small. The challenge is going to boil down to getting rid of (or storing) a lot of our stuff and I’m not so good at doing that. Besides, I finally have a lovely headboard on my bed after years of longing! Oh well. I guess that will go into storage, too. If we do move into the cabin (and a lot of things have to line up for that to happen) Rob and I will be sleeping in the loft with a floorspace (not headspace!) that is 8’x11’10”, which is juuust big enough for our mattress and maybe a little light and a stack of books. There is a cute window up there and with a little paint I think it will be a cozy little area. Underneath the loft we would frame a little bedroom for Will. Grandparents, no more buying him toys! Haha.

We also have to put in a kitchen, frame out a laundry/bathroom and put all of that stuff in. It’s nothing we can’t do ourselves so I’m not too worried about it. Though, getting a septic in (or some other alternative composting toilet and greywater system) and running the spring pump may be a bit more difficult and costly. Hopefully we’ll find out more about that soon.

You may be asking yourself, why on earth would they do this to themselves?! It’s a good question and the short answer is: money. The slightly longer answer is that if we can buy the land and fix the cabin for the price we think we can, we could pay off our mortgage in 5-7 years (if we are committed to it, which I think I will be every time I think about my poor headboard in storage!). While we are working on that we will be gathering supplies from Craigslist, E-bay, local job sites, ReStore, etc… to build a bigger (but still not big) house. Think about it: NO mortgage. None. Do you have any idea how AMAZING that would be?? I can only imagine and I hope one day I will really know! I know 7 years sounds like a long time to live in a tiny home but, 30 years sounds like an even longer time to owe lots of money to a bank that I’d rather be using to run my farm and save for the future! Plus, we might just really grow to like that little cabin. I know right now we only have one child and that there’s a chance that we could add to our family during that time period but, I’m not worried about it. We would make it work. I will now share one photo of this cabin and the land I’ve been telling you about, but only one as it doesn’t actually belong to me yet. There will be plenty of photos and floorplans to look at if the deal actually goes through. 🙂








What are your thoughts? Are you or anyone you know mortgage free? Do you think we’re crazy? Let’s hear it!



4 thoughts on “Excitedly Intimidated.

  1. Sarah, that piece of land you want looks wonderful, with the rolling hills, trees and mountains in the background. sigh. And I think it would be AMAZING to be mortgage free. I say GO for it. Bryan and I are debt free (besides our mortgage and one very small car payment), no school loans, credit cards bills, etc, and it feels so good! I would love to have our mortgage paid off!

    P.S. I love reading your post today. I like keeping up on your life. 🙂

      1. Hey Sarah this is Shelly I just found your blog. It looks like a beautiful location and I think you are wise to try for mortgage free. We bought a ‘fixer upper’ for just that reason and Ben did a lot of the work himself. We plan to have it payed off in less than 10 years. My parents are mortgage free and loving it 😉 Let us know if you need help or ideas!

      2. Hey Shelly! Being mortgage free sounds so wonderful. We might not be able to do it as quickly as we originally hoped… but we’re going to at least try to spend the least amount we can so we have a small enough payment to at least try to pay it off. We’ll have to come see your place sometime! 🙂

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